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Why don’t poison frogs poison themselves?

Researchers reveal protein mutations that protect these poisonous amphibians

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Termites Render A Palace Uninhabitable

Termites Render A Palace Uninhabitable

Living in Hawaii is not all sunshine and beaches, as the islands are home to one of the most destructive insect pests in the world. Formosan termites are just another part of daily life for the natives of Hawaii, but sometimes termite-induced tragedy can sneak up on long-time residents. A Hawaiian man, Aldon Yamamoto, recently finished building his own home in Honolulu. Unfortunately, Yamamoto’s new house quickly became a haven for Formosan termites. The termites caused thirty five hundred dollars in damages that included an infested door frame and several beams holding up his ceiling. What happened to Yamamoto is not uncommon in Hawaii. When it comes to Formosan termite activity, most people think of New Orleans. This is understandable as New Orleans has seen significant termite-related property damages during the past two decades. Although New Orleans deserves attention for their struggles with Formosan termites, the wood-eating insects have been eating away at Honolulu for more than one hundred years. Nowhere on earth are Formosan termites more damaging to private and public property than they are on the Hawaiian Islands.

Not only are Formosan termites more numerous in Hawaii than they are in Louisiana, but the island state’s culture is more saturated with termites and everything termite related. However, the large Formosan termite population in Hawaii has been causing disasters that may also occur in New Orleans unless Formosan termites become more effectively controlled in the state. Termites may be considered an aspect of Hawaiian culture due to the historical landmarks that termites have destroyed in the state.

Back in 1845, Iolani Palace in Hawaii became ravaged by termites, and it had to be torn down only thirty years after construction had completed. When a second palace was completed in 1879, termites struck again. Eventually underground steel barriers were installed around the palace and a the palace’s foundation was reinforced in order to repel termites. Today a cutting-edge baiting system keeps termites out of the palace, which is now a museum.

Why do you think that Formosan termites arrived so much earlier on the Hawaii islands than they did in the continental United States?

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Beacon Roofing Supply Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

Beacon Roofing Supply Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

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The Olympic Torchbearers Should Win a Medal for the Insane Staircase They Just Climbed

South Korean hockey player Park Jong-ah and North Korean hockey player Jong Su-hyon ran up a ridiculously large staircase to light the Olympic cauldron.

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Digital Marketing News: Social Media Trends, What CMOs Search For & Mobile Ads Soar

Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2018 [Infographic]
What should social media marketers focus on in 2018? This infographic shows several trends, like social media ROI, mobile growth and trust. Social Media Today

Search, Paid And SEO, Rank Higher As CMOs Seek New Agency Partners
What do CMOs look for in agency partners? A new report shows that while advertising and direct marketing remain on the top of the list, SEO and SEM are moving to toward the top in leaps and bounds. MediaPost

Mobile Ads To Soar In 2018, Especially In Local Media
MediaPost reports: “Social media ad revenue from mobile (not including tablets) now represents just over 70% of total social ad spending – and will grow to 80% by 2022, per BIA/Kelsey.” MediaPost

Google Analytics Introduces New ‘Audiences’ Report
Google Analytics has released a new report called “Audiences,” which is located, appropriately under the “audiences” category within the Google Analytics dashboard. To use this report, make sure to configure audiences in your account. Search Engine Journal

Google Officially Announces the New Google Search Console is Available for Everyone
Great news for Google Search Console users: the new version (in beta) is now available to everyone. You can still toggle between the old and new views if needed. Changes include consolidated error reporting and better export usability. Search Engine Land

Twitter Extends Full Tweet Archive to Developers
ZDNet reports: “Twitter announced it’s giving developers access to the full archive of its history – all the way back to the first tweet in 2006. Until Thursday, full access to Twitter’s history was only available to enterprise API customers.” ZDNet

Instagram’s Carousel Ad Format is Coming to Instagram Stories
Instagram announced recently that they’re bringing their Carousel Ads into stories, allowing for more than one piece of media. Advertisers can now use 1-3 pieces of media (photos or videos) in this new format. TechCrunch

The State of Chatbots in 2018: Top Benefits and Challenges
Consumers are saying that the benefits of chatbots include 24-hour customer service, along with getting instant responses. However, 43% of those surveyed said a potential blocker to using chatbots would be their preference for a live assistant. MarketingProfs

Amazon Wins the Superbowl (of Ads)
According to USA Today, Amazon’s “Alexa” spots beat out the NFL’s “Dirty Dancing”-themed ads during this year’s Super Bowl. USA Today

US Social Users Head to YouTube, Facebook to Watch Videos
Marketers can no longer afford to ignore video advertising. Why? eMarketer is predicting that video ad spending in the US alone will reach $15.42 billion this year, and will grow to $22.18 billion by 2021. eMarketer

Intel Made Smarts Glasses That Look Normal
Apparently, The Verge recently got an exclusive sneak peek at Intel’s new smart glasses Vaunt, which uses retinal projection to put a display in your eyeball. The best part? The glasses actually look like “normal” glasses. The Verge

Digital Ad Buyers Say Google Search, Facebook Deliver the Best ROI
A December 2017 survey of U.S. senior ad buyers by financial services firm Cowen and Company showed Google search was held in the “highest esteem” when it came to ROI. Nearly half of respondents named the platform as offering the highest ROI. Meanwhile, Facebook ranked second, named by 30% of those polled. eMarketer

Snapchat Slips in Features Like Fonts and Do Not Disturb Amidst Redesign
Snapchat appears to be following in Facebook’s “Time Well Spent” steps. The latest? Snapchat is offering a way to mute specific people without formally blocking them, according to TechCrunch. In addition, the major redesign that’s slowly rolling out comes with ways to jazz up your Snaps with colorful text styles and multiple captions. TechCrunch

Best & Worst Super Bowl 2018 Commercials
While the world knows the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions, which brands took the gold for best commercials? And which ones can be crowned as the worst? Billboard’s picks for the best include the Doritos & Mountain Dew combo, and Amazon. Billboard

On the Lighter Side:

Pepsi CEO Says It’s Targeting Women With Doritos That Are Cleaner and Less Crunchy. Apparently, ladies need quiet snacks that don’t make a mess. At least, that seems to be Pepsi’s belief. As AdWeek reported: “In an interview with Freakonomics, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said that while women ‘would love’ to lick their fingers and pour Doritos chip crumbs into their mouths, they ‘don’t like to crunch too loudly in public’ and ‘don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth.’” AdWeek

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Lee Odden – Top 20 Marketers that Influence CMOs – Forbes
Lee Odden, SAP & LinkedIn (clients) – Report: Understanding the B2B Content Marketing Landscape – eMarketer

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Drug company earnings outlook bolstered by tax cuts and repatriated cash

Big pharma and biotech companies’ sales continue to rise, and investors hold out for more M&A activity in wake of tax reform

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