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Historic DowDuPont merger nears

The next big task for the massive new firm will be to split into three

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Asthma drugs may reduce Parkinson’s risk

Pathway triggered by the therapeutics could be source of new drug targets for the disease

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Give Influencer Content Programs a Promotional Edge with Digital Advertising

It happens almost every single time. I’m finally settling in to stream a few episodes before I go to bed for the day. I fire up the old Netflix machine and there it is… options… lots of them.

There are shows I’ve seen before that I might want to watch again. Genres that I’m interested in. Highly rated shows. Maybe I watch one of those trending shows that everyone is talking about? I mean I’ve never seen that Making a Murderer show… did I miss out on that one? My mind continues to jump around with the unlimited options in front of me.

When you have virtually unlimited options in front of you it’s almost impossible to make a choice. This is probably why I’ve watched the American version of the Office about one million times (either that or it’s a really good show).

As marketers we consistently run into situations like this. We are asked to promote a product or a service or a piece of content and when we sit down at our desk we are hit with so many options. We have to choose the right channel, the right audience, the right messaging, the right offer, the right image, the right… Anyone else getting cold sweats just thinking about this?

I want to help you with this problem. Specifically as it relates to influencer content (because that presents a whole new set of challenges that need to be addressed).

Promoting Influencer Content With Digital Advertising

Why focus on influencer marketing? In my opinion influencer marketing is one of the most challenging thing to promote with paid digital advertising. Many people look at influencer marketing and content marketing in general as some magical piece of content that, when published, turns prospects into customers in a completely organic way.

In reality, simply creating great influencer content is not enough. Right now, as I write this, there are over one billion websites (in fact the number grew by about 500 in the time it took me to finish that sentence).

So what does that mean? In very broad and simple terms you aren’t the only one that has to make a lot of choices. So when it comes to influencer content you have to help your audience find it and help them choose it.

5 Steps to Promoting Influence Content with Digital Advertising

The 5 steps below will help you successfully promote your influencer content with digital advertising in a way that attracts and entices your target audience.

Step 1. Change How You Think About Influencer Content

Often marketers don’t change their approach to promotion when deploying an influencer driven content campaign. Instead of thinking of your influencer content as a part of your standard marketing mix think of it as a product.

This is really important. You are not promoting content, you’re not boosting a post, you are selling influencer content. That is your job.

Step 2. Know Your Audience

It seems simple, but is often overlooked. But did you know that now you can really know your audience. For example, if you are using Twitter you can gather awesome insights with Twitter Analytics.

I mean… take a look at this.

The top lifestyle type in my organic audience is “Online Buyers.” I can make assumptions from this. For example, one thing that is often debated is how much info do I ask a prospect to give in exchange for a gated asset? Well an online buyer is comfortable giving over name, phone number, address, credit card info, and more in exchange for goods.

This information can help you determine what to “charge” or how much information you should ask for in exchange for content.

You can gather similar information using tools such as  Google Analytics Demographics and Interests and the Facebook Audience Insights tool.

Step 3. Segment Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important. Segmenting your audience is even more essential.

Don’t make the mistake of lumping everyone together into one audience when promoting your influencer driven content. While this tactic may be necessary if you are working with a really small audience, a larger audience that you can segment will allow you to tailor your message to a smaller, specific group of people.

For example, let’s say that you have created influencer content to target HR professionals. It’s possible that you could segment that audience by tenure in the HR industry.

With an audience like this you could tailor your call to action like so.

  • Tenure of 0-5 years – Jumpstart your HR career with….
  • Tenure of 5-15 years – Bring your HR career to the next level with…
  • Tenure of 15+ years – Learn from the top HR professionals…

Segmenting your audience can help you tailor your sales pitch. Remember, you are selling your content not promoting it.

Step 4. Challenge Your Assumptions

What’s the one thing I have heard more than anything else when it comes to promoting B2B influencer content with digital media? Give up? It’s this, “we are a B2B company so we only want to promote this on LinkedIn.

Well first of all, we are selling the content not promoting it. Second of all, you don’t think those same professionals have a Facebook account?

Facebook is on pace to hit 2 billion users. I’m willing to guess that some of those 2 billion users are in the market for B2B goods and services.

Challenging your assumptions has it’s rewards. Currently I am running a campaign for a B2B company and the results look like this…

Challenging assumptions and running a campaign on Twitter was a great bet!

Step 5. Don’t Fall in Love With Your Bets

It’s bound to happen. You’ll do all of the tips above. You’ll create a segmented audience on a social network that sits outside of your assumptions. You’ll create tailored calls to action and you’ll fall in love.

Then it happens… nothing happens… it fails.

When it fails, one of two things normally happen.

  1. Marketers ignore the failure in disbelief
  2. Marketers say, “just give it more time. One more conversion will make this look better.”

Neither of these are going to change anything. In this situation only one thing will work.

Make some changes.

Change your ad copy. Broaden your audience. Change your bids. Try to identify why it isn’t working and fix it.

The Keys to Promoting Influencer Content With Paid Digital Advertising

So there you have it, 5 keys to promoting content with digital advertising. Below is a quick recap that you can use of a checklist of sorts to begin guiding your influencer content and digital advertising journey:

  1. Remember you’re selling your content not promoting it.
  2. Know your audience. Use tools to understand their online behavior.
  3. Segment your audience. Tailor your message in a way that speaks to the individuals in your audience.
  4. Challenge your assumptions. Try something new. Run tests.
  5. Don’t fall in love. Make changes quickly and don’t wait for a campaign to turn into what you want it to be.

I know you have over a billion options to choose from when it comes to internet content. Thanks for choosing this piece. I’d love to hear about any time you challenged an assumption and won or when you fell in love with a campaign. Feel free to share your insights in the comments below.

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Give Influencer Content Programs a Promotional Edge with Digital Advertising |

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50 Rare Photos of Princess Diana That Reveals What Her Life Was Really Like

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Here are TK rare, beautiful photos of her.

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Molecular motors drill holes in cells

Machines that spin through cell membranes could deliver drugs and kill cancer cells

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Single-molecule magnet breaks performance records

Dysprosium complex brings high-density, molecular-level data storage into the realm of possibility

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Making the diabetes drug exenatide more stable

Changing the delivery system and swapping one amino acid in the protein drug could reduce its injection frequency

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Final Boarding Call for Content Marketing World: Don’t Miss these 10 Presentations

Does anyone look forward to getting on an airplane anymore? Sure, you may be excited about where you’re going or what you plan to do when you get there. But anyone happily anticipating the screening, boarding, and flying part—well, I’ll have whatever vitamin supplement they’re on.

If you’re headed to Content Marketing World, odds are there’s a flight in your immediate future. Fortunately, this trip is definitely worth the hassle. Just keep in mind how much you’re about to learn, how many amazing marketers you’re about to meet, and you can smile your way through the unpleasantness.

To help you get the most out of your trip—enough to sustain you through a legroom-free flight home—make sure you attend the following ten sessions. These first-class (get it?) marketers have all logged hours of flight time sharing their knowledge all over the world. Each one is uniquely qualified to be your marketing coach (get it?). They’re in a business class (GET IT?) all their own.

So put your tray table up, stow your carry-on, and add these sessions to your schedule. And in the case of a water landing, this post can be used as a flotation device.

Ten Can’t Miss Sessions at Content Marketing World 2017 

#1: Linda Boff

Linda is the CMO of GE, with over 15 years of experience in their marketing department. Under her leadership, GE has been absolutely dominating the content game, with an energy and creativity that’s rare in B2B. Their Instagram has over 300,000 followers.  They did a hit science fiction podcast, The Message. They held a robot rock concert to showcase their electricity infrastructure solutions. In short, Linda is helping make B2B content cool, and I’m excited to hear what she has to say.

The Session: Imagination at Work: Lessons in Storytelling from GE

Linda’s session is a keynote, so you don’t have to pre-register for it. Just set your alarm early and plan to get to the main hall by 8 a.m. on Wednesday the 6th.


#2: Andrew Davis

Andrew is the best-selling author of Town Inc., a sought-after keynote speaker, and a brilliant marketer with a history of fantastic content, from documentaries to blog posts. He’s also the only presenter at Content Marketing World who has worked with the Muppets. If you’ve never seen Andrew speak before, you’re in for a treat: He’s a dynamic presenter who will drop knowledge while keeping the energy level high.

The Session: Show Me: How Inventive Video Marketers Spin Stories into Revenue

We all know that video content marketing is not even the next big thing – it’s the current big thing. But connecting the marketing to the ROI is still a challenge. Andrew’s session should help you find the gold in them thar videos.


#3: Amisha Gandhi

As the Global Head of Influencer Marketing at SAP, Amisha is helping to bring influencer marketing out of the “Wild West.” She’s helping develop the best practices that will help marketers reach a higher level of influencer marketing maturity and sophistication. Her insights are a crucial component of our eBook, Influence 2.0.

The Session: Implementing a Global Influencer Program at a Large B2B Enterprise

Amisha is uniquely qualified to lead this session, in that she is currently implementing a global influencer program at SAP. This nuts-and-bolts session is sure to be packed with practical knowledge you can use in your influencer marketing efforts.


#4: Ann Handley

A tireless crusader in the war against mediocre content, Ann Handley has helped thousands of marketers find their unique creative voice. She’s the best-selling author of Everybody Writes and co-author of Content Rules, and is the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs. She’s also a dynamic, engaging speaker, ever ready to cut through the nonsense to inform and inspire.

The Session: Writing Secrets from Prolific and Productive Writers (The Jerks!): How to Create Better Content When No One Has Enough Time

Ann’s sessions are always (justifiably) extremely popular, so you have two chances to catch her presentation this time around. Make sure to register early! Even if you’re not directly in a content role, Ann’s advice can help improve whatever writing you do.


#5: Heather Hurst

Heather is the Director of Corporate Marketing at Workfront, helping create content resources that match with the company’s vision of helping people be more efficient and effective at work. Under her leadership, the Talking Work blog has become a destination for smart content from her team and from experts worldwide.

The Session: Stop Killing Your Content Team: How to Scale Your Work with the Resources You Have

Producing quality content at scale has been a thorny problem for the industry, and Heather is just the person to address it. From prioritization to resource allocation to the power of repurposing, this session should help close the resource gap.


#6: Lee Odden

You know that old Wayne Gretzky quote about not going for where the puck is, but going for where the puck is going to be? Lee is the Wayne Gretzky of marketing. He was into SEO before it was cool, was a pioneer of influencer marketing, and is now leading the charge for integrated, holistic marketing. As CEO of TopRank Marketing, Lee has turned a boutique digital agency into a global powerhouse, equally at home working with Fortune 100 companies and local small businesses. He’s also a pretty great boss (we’re hiring). And, should you meet him at one of the networking events: It’s pronounced OH-den, like the Norse god, not ODD-en.

The Session: Big Brand Influencer Marketing – Trends and Best Practices  and Creating an Influencer Marketing Strategy: A to Z.

TopRank Marketing’s philosophy of influencer marketing goes far deeper than one-off endorsement gigs. Lee’s strategy aims to create ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with the people truly influential to your target audience.

#7: Robert Rose

Robert is the Founder of the Content Advisory and Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute. He’s one of the original masters of content marketing—together with Joe Pulizzi, he helped write the rules of effectively using content to drive business purposes. His latest book, Killing Marketing (co-authored with Joe), is all about achieving the holy grail of content marketing: making it a profit center rather than a budget item.

The Session: Becoming an Audience Company: Moving beyond Media in a Post-Digital World and Return on Audience: Rebooting Content Marketing and Building a Scalable, Measurable Strategy

Not only can Robert’ sessions help you realize business benefits from your content marketing, he can show you how to make content itself a business. And he should know: Content Marketing Institute itself is a prime example of a business built content-first.


#8: Adam Singer

Data is what turns content into content marketing. Every content creator should have a handle on the analytics that tell us what our audience is interested in, how our content is resonating, and how our results translate into revenue. Adam is the Analytics Advocate at Google, and he’s tasked with helping marketers understand how to use Google’s tools to make their marketing work better.

The Session: Reporting, Google Data Studio and Data Visualization for Marketers

If you’re a content creator, this session is a great opportunity to round out your skillset. Learn how to dive into the data and generate insights you can use to fuel your next round of content. If you’re already a data nerd, this is your chance to get even deeper inside the Google-verse.


#9: Amanda Todorovich

The Content Marketing Institute named Amanda their Content Marketer of the Year last year, and she’s returning this year to share her secrets of creating award-winning content. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Amanda has both practical knowledge and creative inspiration to spare. She’s currently the Director of Content Marketing at Cleveland Clinic, helping bring compelling content to the healthcare industry.

The Session: The Inside Story of How Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials Drives Consistent Web Traffic and Builds an Audience

Healthcare is a tough industry for marketers, with changing markets and regulations constantly putting pressure on content creators. That makes Amanda’s success story all the more compelling. She’s sure to have ideas you can put into action, regardless of your industry.


#10: Tim Washer

Tim has a unique pedigree as a marketer: He’s a stand-up comedian and a comedy writer for shows like Saturday Night Live, in addition to his pioneering work as the Creative Director of SP Marketing at Cisco. He clearly demonstrates how creativity and humor can spice up even the most “boring” B2B content. Simply put, this is a guy who can make hilarious videos about internet infrastructure solutions.

The Session: How to Use Improv Techniques to Improve Your B2B Storytelling

Improv workshops are all the rage in corporate America right now, and it’s not hard to see why: Improv requires quick thinking, teamwork, and extraordinary empathy for the audience to succeed. Tim’s session is guaranteed to crack you up and make your content livelier.

The Captain Has Turned on the Content Marketing Insights Sign

There are hundreds of sessions to choose from at Content Marketing World this year, all of them presented by some of the brightest minds in marketing. The TopRank Marketing team will be there in force, and we’ll be seeing as many of them as we possibly can. Keep an eye on the blog for takeaways, liveblogs, and extra content all next week. And make sure to reserve time in your schedule for these ten sessions.

If you’re attending the conference, keep an eye out for me, Ashley Zeckman, Caitlin Burgess, Tiffani Allen, and Knute Sands. We look forward to meeting all of you!

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Final Boarding Call for Content Marketing World: Don’t Miss these 10 Presentations |

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'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 4 Episode 3B Recap: Corinne Speaks

On the latest episode of ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ former contestant Corinne Olympios talks to Chris Harrison about the incident with DeMario Jackson.

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Female Spiders That Want Some Lovin’ Have Their Own Birth Control | Wolf Spiders

Female Spiders That Want Some Lovin’ Have Their Own Birth Control

I guess it’s not only human females that want to have sex without also having babies. Female wolf spiders also have their own form of birth control, a natural strategy they have developed to kill off unwanted sperm after they’ve mated with a male spider. But why would spiders even need birth control when the whole purpose of mating is to make more baby spiders? Well, it turns out that not all female wolf spiders are monogamous, and want to have a little fun with more than one male spider. So, they’ve found a natural method of killing off unwanted sperm so they can have multiple mating partners.

Now, wolf spider sex in general has already proven to be rather odd in the insect world according to researchers. Researchers have already confirmed that wolf spider sex can get pretty kinky, involving prolonged threesomes (bet you thought that was only a human thing), coitus averaging 100 minutes, twin sexual organs, and lots of vibrating legs. Yeah, these spiders are making me blush bright red just writing this.

Researchers have now confirmed that the females have a way to reduce the amount of sperm they take inside them after (and even during) these marathon mating sessions. Now, I can understand their need for this, as after mating, these females can end up having to carry up to 200 of the resulting spiderlings on their backs until they are capable of going about on their own. Can you imagine if they didn’t use some kind of birth control?! Now that sounds like a nightmare I certainly wouldn’t want to deal with.

So, how does this birth control work? Well, when the male and female spiders are going at it, the male uses his pedipalps to inject sperm into the female’s twin sex organs, which can last upwards of half an hour. The female isn’t automatically inseminated, however. She can actually store that sperm for around a month before choosing to fertilize a batch of 200 eggs. This means that the females can mate with more than one male during that month, and those batches of eggs often include offspring from more than one father.

The females are somehow able to reduce the amount of sperm they actually take in and store from each male down to a measly 17% of what was originally inserted. Researchers aren’t completely sure how they do this, but guess that they kill it off inside them, have some way of ejecting it from their bodies, or absorb and then digest the extra sperm as a mean of nutrition. These females aren’t about to let any males cramp their free-loving ways.

Do you think this spider birth control phenomenon is true only for these female wolf spiders, or are there other spiders out there with their own form of birth control?



The post Female Spiders That Want Some Lovin’ Have Their Own Birth Control | Wolf Spiders appeared first on Arizona Pest Control.

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